NNTP4.net is a private platform for users who want to participate in Usenet and is operated by a private person and therefore this is not a commercial server! I respect the privacy of the users and hope to be able to contribute to the survival of the Usenet.

So that you as a user can receive direct answers to an article / post on Usenet, users from Europe have the option of receiving an anonymized email address with a forwarding to your own secret email address.

As a user of the services FreeDYN.de and dns-netz.com you can log into our server with your access data there. I am currently also planning to make it available for the users of Open-News-Network.org. As a "foreign" user, however, the login on this homepage and the anonymous email address are not available.

The NNTP4.net news server only saves your user name and which service your user account is registered with in its log files, as well as your IP address, so that I can forward incoming abuse messages to the respective service. This data is automatically deleted after 14 days at the latest. In addition, the above-mentioned storage only takes place if you post something in the Usenet.

With a simple login and when reading articles / posts on Usenet, only your IP address is saved. For users with a NNTP4.net user account, the date of the last login is also saved, which is noted in your user account. The time stamp of the last login is required because we automatically delete user accounts that have not been used for more than 6 months.

Our server can be reached at the following address:

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