Legal informationen :

Users of our server are obliged to abide by the following rules. Failure to follow these rules without prior notification to the exclusion of our news server.

1 . Correct sender addresses
The in "From:", "Reply-To:" or "stations" addresses used should be valid email addresses. The use of foreign addresses and namespaces without the consent of the respective owner is strictly prohibited and may result in civil steps to follow.

If you do not want to disclose your email address to protect against spam, set up an additional email address for Usenet. Alternatively, use the Top Level Domain ".invalid" (see RFC 2606). The Top Level Domain ".invalid" is intended to construct obviously invalid addresses such as "max@example.invalid". Such addresses encumber any existing or foreign namespaces and can be clearly identified as invalid. However, among users Usenet rather frowned upon.

2. Compliance with the netiquette / rules
Most hierarchies in Usenet have laid down their usual there rules of conduct in a netiquette. The items in these hierarchies such. B. de. * Should only be done while respecting the applicable Netiquette, as this DDF. may result in the suspension of your access to our news server.

3. Commercial use our news server
Any commercial use of our news server is prohibited.

4. Lots of articles and news in Usenet
Posting SPAM in Usenet is prohibited and will result in exclusion from the Usenet. Posting binaries (binaries) such. As photos, graphics, animations, video clips, audio files, compiled programs, etc. is not permitted on our server The size of the post ends message must not exceed 256 kilobytes,
because there are client systems and at the present time, which can not handle this product.

5. Control & cancel messages
About our server any control messages must be sent. Fremdcanceln is strictly prohibited. Sending control and cancel messages will be logged to the respective user data and sent to a moderator. The only exception: If the cancel or supersede your own articles, or assignees provided for each newsgroup. (Logged!)

6. dissemination of news / news from the Usenet
The businesslike Offer of related on this news server news items is prohibited. The closest "household" (care of family members) is also exempted from this restriction as the targeted dissemination of individual News / News. All other exceptions need explicit and prior consent from the respective author of the news / message.

7. Account information and so-called Accountsharing
Access to confidential data and may not be disclosed to third parties. Every user is obliged to report suspicions of knowledge of his access data by a third party without delay. Each user is responsible for his access is fully liable for damages with his access code.

8. legal compliance and applicable laws
Newsgroups are not above the law and users are not anonymous! Every user has to comply with valid legal regulations and laws.
These are at least the laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, However, the laws and regulations of the country of the newsgroups
and news server originate.

9. System Security and Resource-saving use
With available gestelleten resources to deal responsibly and carefully. Any impact on system security and endanger the ongoing
Server operation is strictly prohibited and leads ggef. to the exclusion of the respective user.


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