Welcome to NNTP4.net!

The news server news.nntp4.net is a privately operated and non-commercial server, which can be used for free after registration.

In addition, registered users also have access to a login area on this site, where the following functions can be used:

  • Management of the access password
  • [CANCEL] Cancellation of own articles / posts (However, cancellation is not implemented on all Usenet servers.)
  • Retrieval of data disclosure according to GDPR
  • Closing or deleting one's own user account

As an alternative to registering via nntp4.net, my news server is also available to users of Open-News-Network.org. (ONN Registration)
- However, login credentials from Open-News-Network.org do not allow login on this site!

If the server news.nntp4.net is used for prohibited purposes, such as SPAM, please notify me via the abuse form. The abuse form (Abuse) can be found under the menu item Abuse!

All binary newsgroups used for file sharing are not available on this server!
Text-Only Usenet!

Details of news.nntp4.net

 Server details:
 NNTP Status:  
 NNTPS Status (SSL / TLS):  
 Service Online since:  December 2015
 Server uplink status:   100 Mbit
 System:  Debian + INN
 Hostname IN/OUT:  news.nntp4.net
 Path:  news.nntp4.net
 Add. hostnames:  news.freedyn.de
 Port:  119
 SSL- / TLS-Port:  563
 IPv4 address:
 IPv4 Reverse DNS:  news.nntp4.net
 IPv6 address:  2001:41d0:a:280::1
 IPv6 Reverse DNS:  news.nntp4.net
 Server contact:
 Abuse:  abuse@nntp4.net
 Contact:  newsserver@nntp4.net
 Peering:  peering@nntp4.net
 Security:  security@nntp4.net
 Server configuration:
 SPAM-Filter:  Clearfeed, NoCeM, Killfile
 Max. article size:  512 KB
 Cancel-Lock:  enabled
 Hold time:  800 days
 Spool:  unlimited
 Peers:  21
 Newsgroups:  Groups 51935
 Articles: 36883626
 daily submit
 Current ranking:   86
 Hardware / Network:
 Location:   Gravelines, France (Europe)
 Location provider:  OVH SAS, AS16276