Welcome on news.nntp4.net!

The news server news.nntp4.net is a not commercial server and can be used for free.
You can create a free user account here: www.freedyn.de

In addition, the news servers are also available to users of Open-News-Network.org.

All binary newsgroups that are used for file sharing are not available on this server! Only Text-Usenet!

Details of news.nntp4.net

 Server details:
 NNTP Status:  
 NNTPS Status (SSL / TLS):  
 Service Online since:  December 2015
 Server uplink status:   100 Mbit
 Duplex-Mode: Full
 System:  Debian 8.3.0-6, Inn-2.6.3
 Hostname IN/OUT:  news.nntp4.net
 Path:  news.nntp4.net
 Add. hostnames:  
 Port:  119
 SSL- / TLS-Port:  563
 IPv4 address:
 IPv4 Reverse DNS:  news.nntp4.net
 IPv6 address:  2001:41d0:a:280::1
 IPv6 Reverse DNS:  news.nntp4.net
 Server contact:
 Abuse:  abuse [at] freedyn.de
 Contact:  newsserver [at] freedyn.de
 Peering:  peering [at] freedyn.de
 Server configuration:
 SPAM-Filter:  Cleanfeed, NoCeM
 Max. article size:  250 KB
 Cancel-Lock:  enabled
 Hold time:  800 days
 Spool:  unlimited
 Peers:  18
 Newsgroups:  Groups 60559
 Articles: 12581916
 daily submit
 Current ranking:   168
 Hardware / Network:
 Location:   Gravelines, France, EU
 Location provider:  OVH SAS, AS16276
 CPU:  Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N2800 @ 1.86GHz
 CPU Cores:   4 x 1862 MHz
 RAM:  2GB DDR3 1066 MHz
 Harddisk:  500 GB SATA (RAID1)

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